The Hollywood Screenplay Competition is judged by a broad variety of qualified and professional screenplay readers, many of which are current working professionals in the film and entertainment industry with years of experience evaluating screenplays for major production companies, producers, and literary agencies. Our judges are experts in recognizing and evaluating the integral components of a well-written, quality screenplay, including story, plot, structure, pacing, dialogue, character, and marketability.

The Hollywood Screenplay Contest thanks its judges for their time and dedication toward supporting and discovering talented new screenwriters.

Official Jury

The final round of judging is conducted by the Official Jury comprised of several notable and esteemed Hollywood screenwriters, film executives, and producers. The Official Jury is responsible for determining the Grand Prize Winners along with the respective Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Winners in each competitive category.

Judging Process

Each screenplay is scored and evaluated on a multipoint scale including each of the following criteria:

  • Concept

    The originality and overall concept of the story.

  • Structure

    The construction and structure of the story.

  • Plot

    The events and actions that serve to progress the story to its conclusion.

  • Pacing

    The pace at which the story progresses.

  • Character

    Originality and distinctiveness of the story's characters.

  • Dialogue

    The manner, originality and authenticity of the characters' dialogue.

  • Style

    The overall quality and style of the author's writing.

  • Theme

    The underlying message or tone of the story.

  • Marketability

    The overall commercial viability of the story.

Score Report and Judge Commentary

Feedback is important. The Hollywood Screenplay contest offers applicants the unique opportunity to order a copy of their project’s Official Score Report and Judge Commentary. This includes a thorough, multi-page explanation as to how a screenplay was scored along with detailed commentary regarding the Judge’s overall impressions of the project including specific feedback and advice regarding story, structure, pacing, character, and marketability. This service is available for a fee of $80 and will be emailed to the applicant immediately upon completion of judging.