Play Brawl Stars on Pc – Easy Guide

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We all are no stranger to the fact that the world of internet beholds countless possibilities. Everything is literally one click away! Then, be it shopping from online sites or even groceries and meds are a click away nowadays. Technology has got it hooks deep into us! As much as we are enslaved by it, there is absolutely no denying that we are benefitting from it like anything! It all boils down to us as to how we make things happen for us. Some are busy downloading their favorite episodes online only to watch them later while some are using drones as a safety measure to get the know about further intensities in war tactics for the protection of the nation. It all depends on us as to we make things turn around for ourselves.

Technology is everywhere right from the small pen drive we use for transferring files from one device to another to the most handy one out there without which we cannot go a day about! Mobile phone! In earlier times the sole purpose of a mobile phone was to connect a call from one person to another. Who would’ve wondered that this small thing in our hand could help us track someone’s location via gps, could capture moments via the courtesy of camera lens fitted inside it, could help us know what all the people in the world are doing through social media stories or even entertain us through online gaming as well!

Speaking of online gaming, we are well acquainted with the most quintessential ones such as PUBG, clash of clans, angry birds, mini militia etc, just to name a few.

There is also one android game named ‘Brawl Stars’.

It is a mobile game created by the company ‘Supercell’.

It’s initial release date was December 12, 2018.

It is a multiplayer game which has a battle arena and the third person is hero shooter where the players can battle against one another or other opponents. It consists a spectrum of various modes of the game and one can even choose from them thus each fulfilling their objective. One can even invite his friends.

‘Brawl’ as the name suggests, a fight in public between two people for something.

The main ability of the brawler is to attack somebody

However, in addition to that, they have three other abilities-


As brawlers deal damage to opponent brawlers, they can formulate their own ability called as ‘Super’. A damage dealing Super will charge up the preceding one if it’s been hit by the opponents.


This particular unlockable ability called ‘Star Powers’, which can be often found once the brawler reaches level 9. Earning a star power can increase the brawler’s ability to level 10.


This is a pivotal ability of the brawler, which has been added to the game on 17th March 2020.

A brawler’s gadgets appears in boxes and in the shop once that brawler reaches level 7.

Brawl Stars on Personal Computers.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Yes, now one can even play Brawl stars on pc! One is just supposed to get an Android Emulator from the game’s official site and then install in on the computer. After installation one is done, one is supposed to run the program and sync it with one’s google account.

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