The Pioneer Trail tips, tricks and strategy guide

The Pioneer Trail tips, tricks and strategy guide.

 In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of completing quests (the goals), the importance of having neighbors and, of course, tips on how to get more coins and level up fast. In other words, we’ll make it easier for you to stay ahead of your friends in The Pioneer Trail. So let’s begin!

General The Pioneer Trail Tips & Tricks

  • Focus on completing the Goals and side quests (you can see them at the left of the screen) as they give you extra experience and rewards!
  • Make sure to visit your land as often as possible, otherwise wild animals might take over!
  • Use the weather to your advantage. For example, when the weather is “Pleasant and clear” you get bonus wood, so try to focus on chopping trees.
  • Log in daily to get the daily reward
  • Visit your neighbors and help them to increase the chances of them helping you back. This way, you will get help on your land without having to spend energy!
  • Do not hurry to remove all the grass and trees from your land. You may never know what goals require you to remove some and you’ll have to wait for others to grow.
  • Send gifts to your friends. Again, this increases the chances of you getting some back!
  • Click as fast as possible on the goodies that result after you perform various chores around your land: they don’t stay around for too long, and you don’t want to miss an essential item!
  • Don’t forget to click daily on your buildings and select the “Collect bonus” option – it will give you all sorts of goodies that will help you out!
  • Do not hurry to remove your withered crops. Neighbors visiting you can unwither them, so leave them there and ask your neighbors to visit (or wait for a while)
  • How to make more coins in The Pioneer Trail
  • Almost everything you do in the game earns you coins, so keep working and you’ll soon be quite rich.
  • Remember that completing Goals earns you lots of coins
  • Crops also earn you some excellent profits so make sure you always have a few waiting to grow (but make sure you come back in time to harvest them. Otherwise they will wither)
  • The same goes for animals and trees – they are a stable source of income
  • Visit your neighbors – you get bonuses from visiting and helping them!
  • Click the “loot” that results from performing actions – do it quickly to fill up the bonus bar that appears in the upper right corner. Each level grants you extra coins and the higher the level, the more coins you get (which means you’ll have to continually perform actions to get additional bonuses!)

How to level up fast in The Pioneer Trail

Although you can’t get ahead of the other players unless you’re active, there are quite a few ways to speed up the process of leveling up. Having lots of neighbors also helps if you can visit them all, so you might wish to check out this article to get more The Pioneer Trail neighbors. Next, it’s nice knowing that performing actions will always give you extra experience, and that’s what you need to level up. Goals also reward you with tons of experience, so focusing to complete them might be a nice goal for you.

Also keep an eye on your Facebook wall since many players post bonuses on their walls and if you’re fast enough, you can get quite some experience, coins or valuable items!

Following these tips and tricks will certainly get you ahead. Remember that The Pioneer Trail, just like all the other social games, is a game that needs a lot of time invested in it, so probably the best advice would be to sit back, relax and enjoy the great ride. Eventually, there will be rewards for everybody!