Township Game And Its Popularity

township game

This is an interesting free-to-play city-building game. The game is available on was developed by Playrix and is available on multiple platforms. The game was initially an cheats for township Adobe Flash application available on the social-networking website Facebook. The official release of the game was on the 24th February 2012 and was for iOS. On 13th November 2013, the Google Play version was released.

Gradual Development of Township

For the fans of Township who know very little about the game, this is the right article to read. In this article, you will get all the information you need to learn about Township. Just like any other gaming platform, Township has been through a series of developments. The iOS version was developed on 24th February 2012 for the, the Google Play version was released on 13th November 2013.

Three months after the release of the Google Play version, the Amazon Appstore was released on 16th February 2014. By November 2017 approximately five years after its first release, the game had recorded a total of 120 million downloads. At the same time, the total number of people recorded to play the game was approximately 3.5 million every day.

Township Gameplay

This is a game that combines farming and city-building. At the very beginning a game is given a brief tutorial to guide them through the game. to make it easier for you, you are given a starter town to begin with. To develop the city, you will need to run processing facilities, harvest crops and sell goods. The primary currency of Township is T-cash.

Besides T-cash, a gamer will also earn experience points or XP and coins. This helps in performing different activities in the game. XP points come in handy when you need to level up. When you need to buy factories, decorations, and community buildings coins are used. As you accumulate XP points and go up through different levels, more factories, kinds of crops, decorations and community buildings become available. You can also spend real money to purchase coins and T-cash.

Business model

Although Township is a free-to-play game, it gives you many opportunities to pay for In-App Purchases. Some of these purchases include; decorations, construction, materials or the game’s in-game currency i.e T-Cash. For players who don’t have T-cash or are in need of more, you can use real money in the In-App Purchases to buy them.

Just like many other “freemium” business models, players may purchase upgrades to their town. They can also buy decorations, Township Cash or coins to buy anything on the platform. Therefore, if you want to level up in the game faster, consider using real money in the In-App Purchases.


Township has suffered some criticism just like any other online and mobile games out there. This has not been much enough to bring it down. Its fans still hold strong to the game and still enjoy playing the game as usual. Many people have rated the game as cute and entertaining as it was from the beginning.