What is Roblox Builders Club

What is Roblox Builders Club

Roblox Builders Club is very common among Roblox fans who have been in the game for many years. However, if you are new in the game, you are definitely familiar with Roblox Premium. This is because Roblox Premium is a rebranding of Roblox Builders Club. However, for those who have no idea what Builders Club and how it worked, you are at the right place.

What was Builders Club All About?

Roblox Builders Club was a premium membership that was abbreviated as (BC). The club granted Roblox users extra privileges that ordinary embers had no access to. Although the members had to part with a few dollars to subscribe for the membership, the benefits were high above the cost.

Is Builders Club Membership Worth It?

Any wise investor will never put their money somewhere they are not very sure about. This is the reason why many seek to know how important subscribing to Roblox Builders Club Membership is. This will however depend on an individual. If you are a true gamer and tend to visit your Roblox gaming app every now and then, it is advisable to subscribe to the membership.

Looking at the free Robux offered might not be enough reason to go for the membership. However, connecting this with the different benefits listed below we can all agree that trying out the membership is worth the deal. These benefits include:

1.       Ability To Join or Create Own Groups

If you need to create your own community, you can only do this depending on the groups you have. Unfortunately, you cannot be able to form groups or join the already existing ones unless you are a Roblox Builders Club Member. The group systems are used to share Roblox games, chat and also socialize.

There are countless groups you can join but for non-Builders Club Members, you can only join a maximum of 5. However, when you sign up to Roblox Builders Club membership, you will not only be able to join the groups but also form your own. The number of groups you can join also depends on the category of your membership. The lowest being 10 groups, followed by 50 and the highest is 100.

2.       Bonus Gear

Roblox Builders Club members are rewarded with free virtual items every now and then. The extra items you receive highly depends on the kind of promotions on offer. But even when there are no promotions running, you might find extra items on offer. If you want to show off your membership, you would think of making use of the builder’s hat available for all club members.


One of the easiest ways of earning Robux in Roblox is by trading in the Roblox catalog. However, this is only made available for Roblox Club Members only. Therefore, if you want to experience your marketing skills, join the club and enjoy trading on Roblox catalog. If you are also very good at it, you can earn real life money by converting your Robux into real money if you are an Outrageous Builders Club Member.